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CAROLINE ACKROYD: (1852 - 1915)

Caroline Ackroyd was one or two years old when her mother died at Hennepin, Putman County, Illinois.  She went to live with a Mrs Celista Matthews, nearby.  Mrs Matthews got a divorce from her husband soon after, and married a man named Andrew Cawles. After this, they moved to Normal on the Illinois Central Railroad, near the center of the state of Illinois. Caroline was sent to school until she was sixteen years old, when Mrs. Cawles died. Mr. Cawles broke up housekeeping, and Caroline went to live with a lady in the vicinity to learn housekeeping.  She remained there sometime, and getting a chance to go to Missouri with the family of a man named Dwight Thomas who was moving there with teams.  She decided. to take advantage of it, and accordingly went to Missouri to join Walter.  This was in the autumn of 1869.

The next spring she went to live with a Methodist preacher named Amack. After staying there over a year, she went track to Illinois. She came back to Putman County Missouri, where her brother Walter lived, and after staying a short time, went again to Illinois where she married George T. Newburn on the 5th day of December 1873.  After this, they moved to Nebraska.  Their P.O. address in 1878 was Wyoming, P.0.  Otoe County, Nebraska.

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